Corporate Health Alliance offers a unique opportunity for employees to learn more about their nutritional health.  We accomplish this by using the BioPhotonic Scanner to noninvasively measure a person’s antioxidants at a cellular level.  Using this biomarker along with our 60 Days to Wellness program allows us to provide a comprehensive nutritional profile.  We customize programs to meet the needs of individuals, corporations and organizations promoting long term lifestyle changes.
Corporate Health Alliance is dedicated to increasing overall nutritional health and wellness in the workplace.

At Corporate Health Alliance we recognize the importance of nutritional health.  Our mission is to provide integrated nutritional health solutions for individuals, corporations and organizations and create healthier work environments that protect businesses’ greatest asset – it’s employees, through our core values of Quality, Innovation, Science and Teamwork.

“Through teaching and education we promote long term lifestyle changes that are measurable.”


Corporate Health Alliance – Changing Lives One Scan at a Time.

The measureable difference

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